So happy!! Won Emerging Filmmaker Award at The London Surf Film Festival for 'TEAZD'! Massive thanks to Taz & Ed and everyone who made it happen! Also congrats to Taz on winning U18 title! #omhg #TEAZD#londonsurffilmfestival #lsff

After releasing TEAZD // Madeira (which was originally 10 minuets long), I was approached by Demi, from LSFF to enter TEAZD into the London Surf Film Festival as a short. After a few long day and nights, I squished the film down to a nice 5 minutes (which I now prefer).

The Festival took place over Halloween weekend and TEAZD opened the festival Thursday night. It was incredible to be at the Riverside Studios (a venue I went to a lot as a kid living in London) with cast and crew of TEAZD (Taz, Ed and our families). The film looked amazing on the big cinema screen, the audience (a crowd of strangers) all laughed and ‘wowed’ at the right moments. After I was asked to do a short Q&A, dragging Taz and Ed up with me, we answered questions on the film and reassured the happy faces (audience) there will be more to come.

Amazing night with TEAZD opening the London Surf Film Festival! So happy to have Taz, Ed, Jack and Peony in London for the screening, especially as they are competing this morning after only a couple of hours sleep! @edsmithyy @jak_smithy @ukprosurf #lsff#londonsurffilmfestival #TEAZD#itsfunwhenitslifethreatening

The experience as a whole was crazy, to then top it off, TEAZD/myself won the emerging talent award. My collection speech on the other hand was not so well spoken (unlike the Q&A, which went well) as I was shaking with nerves and shock. I am massively thankful to LSFF for encouraging me and thank you for a night to remember!



Sharpy's a cool dude!

Massive thanks to Sharpy (Roger Sharp, editor of Carve Surfing Magazine) for this montage and the article on TEAZD!! 

New film is up online, thanks to @surfphoto for the post and awesome montage! Check it out! #TEAZD#Madeira #quiksilver #nigelsemmens #xcel#cloudbreak #firewire #dryrobe #OMHG



Finishing & First Showing

Living in the van, editing! Thanks to the Knights for giving us a place to park! #editing #vanlife #houseless#filmstudent

TEAZD premiered at the Quiksilver store in Fistral at Boardmasters! It was awesome to see the film projected on such a large screen, have so many people come to the premier/first showing and receive a such great feedback! Big thanks to the guys at the Quiksilver shop down on Fistral Beach! It was the best venue to premiere the film, as the shop surf vibes set a perfect tone for the film, and it was the first thing you saw walking through the doors!

Another shit from the screening. My new film 'TEAZD' screened at the Quiksilver shop down on Fistral Beach! TEAZD will be going live tomorrow morning on Vimeo, check it out! #TEAZD #OMHG #firstshowing #quiksilver

Screened my new film 'TEAZD' at the Quiksilver shop down on Fistral! Great to see people turn up, was amazing! Cheers to everyone at the Quiky shop and everyone who helped make the film happen! #TEAZD#OMHG #firstshowing #quiksilver



Last Day dawn till dusk, Day 13

Last day finally came around the corner. Madeira is an amazing, beautiful island with some incredible challenging waves and spectacular sights.

Sure we’ll be back soon the boys are hooked!

Constant filming all of the last day but here are a few screen grabs I chucked up on instagram... 

Taz Knight & Ed Smith surfing South side this morning@edsmithyy #tazknight @quiksilveruk @xcelwetsuits#xcel #quicksilver #nsboards @carvemag @danielsurf#madeira #morningsurf

Taz Knight surfing South side Madeira #tazknight#madeira @quiksilveruk @carvemag #nsboards#morningsurf #quicksilver

Ed Smith surfing South side Madeira this morning@edsmithyy @xcelwetsuits @danielsurf #xcel #madeira#edsmith #morningsurf



All film no photos, Day 11

The boys just surfed surfed surfed today and as this trip is a filming one, I recorded till my batteries where dead, memory cards full and the light had gone. 

Instead of the boys, here are two shots of me shooting today…

Shooting the boys this morning, 3 days left of Madeira!#madeira #dontwanttoleave #filming #canon#lovinglife #omhg

Shooting the rabid little monkey this morning!@edsmithyy #madeira #xcel #edsmith #filming #surfing



'No surf today, too windy' Day 7

After being told by various sources that there was no surf on the island today, we packed up the car, chucked the board in and headed on a quest!

After exploring around the island we finally came across some waves on the East Coast!



Madeira Native Motion, Day 5

I could describe the awesome day we had with Madeira Native Motion, but Suzanne got it spot on, so read below…

'We have just had the best day with Madeira Native Motion. They know this Island inside out. Anything you want to know about surf spots and all round fun things to do in Madeira they know it. Go check out their website . Makes coming to Madeira easy and the surf is so powerful. Amazing’

After a day of surfing we then went to Taberna Da Poncha, to try the local drink ‘Poncha’ - honey, rum, lemon and orange. Hard hitting but delicious!



Heaven, Day 1

Took a trip to the other side of the island (Sao Vicente) then a drive over the top of Madeira’s tallest mountain to see ‘Heaven’.





We’re here!

Arrived at 9am, chilled around the airport for two hours to then be joined by the Knights!

Standing at arrivals with the IPad, Taz checking the incoming swell and a quick test of the waves in front of the house.

Madeira Day 1

Look who we picked up from the airport today! Taz Knight two weeks in Madeira starts here! Warm up at Paul Do Mar in front of the house. Road trip plans for tomorrow! @quiksilver @quiksilveruk #nsboards#madeira #checkingtheswell #twoweektrip