Living in the van, editing! Thanks to the Knights for giving us a place to park! #editing #vanlife #houseless#filmstudent

TEAZD premiered at the Quiksilver store in Fistral at Boardmasters! It was awesome to see the film projected on such a large screen, have so many people come to the premier/first showing and receive a such great feedback! Big thanks to the guys at the Quiksilver shop down on Fistral Beach! It was the best venue to premiere the film, as the shop surf vibes set a perfect tone for the film, and it was the first thing you saw walking through the doors!

Another shit from the screening. My new film 'TEAZD' screened at the Quiksilver shop down on Fistral Beach! TEAZD will be going live tomorrow morning on Vimeo, check it out! #TEAZD #OMHG #firstshowing #quiksilver

Screened my new film 'TEAZD' at the Quiksilver shop down on Fistral! Great to see people turn up, was amazing! Cheers to everyone at the Quiky shop and everyone who helped make the film happen! #TEAZD#OMHG #firstshowing #quiksilver