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So happy!! Won Emerging Filmmaker Award at The London Surf Film Festival for 'TEAZD'! Massive thanks to Taz & Ed and everyone who made it happen! Also congrats to Taz on winning U18 title! #omhg #TEAZD#londonsurffilmfestival #lsff

After releasing TEAZD // Madeira (which was originally 10 minuets long), I was approached by Demi, from LSFF to enter TEAZD into the London Surf Film Festival as a short. After a few long day and nights, I squished the film down to a nice 5 minutes (which I now prefer).

The Festival took place over Halloween weekend and TEAZD opened the festival Thursday night. It was incredible to be at the Riverside Studios (a venue I went to a lot as a kid living in London) with cast and crew of TEAZD (Taz, Ed and our families). The film looked amazing on the big cinema screen, the audience (a crowd of strangers) all laughed and ‘wowed’ at the right moments. After I was asked to do a short Q&A, dragging Taz and Ed up with me, we answered questions on the film and reassured the happy faces (audience) there will be more to come.

Amazing night with TEAZD opening the London Surf Film Festival! So happy to have Taz, Ed, Jack and Peony in London for the screening, especially as they are competing this morning after only a couple of hours sleep! @edsmithyy @jak_smithy @ukprosurf #lsff#londonsurffilmfestival #TEAZD#itsfunwhenitslifethreatening

The experience as a whole was crazy, to then top it off, TEAZD/myself won the emerging talent award. My collection speech on the other hand was not so well spoken (unlike the Q&A, which went well) as I was shaking with nerves and shock. I am massively thankful to LSFF for encouraging me and thank you for a night to remember!