Mia's brother struggles to come to terms with the disappearance of his sister. An avid Muay Thai fighter, his guilt at not having been there to protect her manifests itself into aggression during training and fights. Becoming ever more unhinged, his persecution of himself of being inadequate as a brother and as a man spurs him on to fight harder and more violently as he spirals further into depths of despair.

Directed by Ornella Hawthorn Gardez

Starring Thomas Stafford • Tara Pilkington • Max Wright

Cinematographer  Louie Johnson

Lighting Damian Malicki • Bekk Leonard

Editing Ornella Hawthorn Gardez • Doug Smith

Colourist Doug Smith

Executive Producer Harry Valentine

Producer Christian Villarba

Additional Cameras Ryan Lang • Ida Fredrikke Pettersen Olsen

Thanks to Harry Valentine • Rebecca Hand • James Muullholland

Music 'THE WAY' - ZACK HENSEY    www.zackhemsey.com